Our Story


Homecare Construction specializes in the construction of quality timber homes and has been building superior timber homes for over 20 years. We are acutely aware of the dangers our environment faces every day, therefore Homecare Construction aims to provide architectural design excellence as well as solutions that minimize environmental impact and maximize the efficient utilization of renewable materials, while focusing on the specific requirements of each client and site.

Homecare Construction aim to always keep the environment in mind and therefore ensure that disturbance of the surroundings is kept to a minimum. All materials are carried to site rather than making use of large trucks as this will cause minimal disruption to the building site and surrounding vegetation during the building process. Due to low site impact, we can carry out the building of your home without turning your life, your home and your property upside down
Timber as a building material has a low embodied energy, it serves as a carbon sink, is a completely renewable resource and is the most environmentally responsible way to build, combined with the principles of passive solar design, a well designed timber home can offer the best solution in terms of achieving energy efficiency and comfortable living, with the knowledge that your home has caused minimal or no disruption to the natural environment. Considering that there is very little disturbance to existing vegetation and minimal site excavation and impact, Homecare Construction is the obvious choice for building in eco-sensitive areas and conservancies. Timber homes can easily be built on sites with extreme slopes and gradients. The cost of traditional building on these types of sites is expensive and some instances inhibitive, due to the cost of reinforced concrete foundations, piling and retaining structures.

When doing more rustic or provincial construction, where quite often conventional methods becomes extremely difficult due to the rurality of the site, timber frame construction is not only the answer due to its logistical advantages, but also due to the fact that timber frame will allow you to take full advantage of incredible views and vantage points on steep inclines. Timber homes are no different than any other home, and all major banks and financial institutions in South Africa will grant bonds on timber homes subject to the normal credit application procedures and if the builder is NHBRC registered.