Visually appealing and well insulated resulting in conserving energy. In winter the homes feel warm and remain relatively cool in summer.
Many creative minds have been attracted to the beauty and versatility of wood. This usually results in attractive and interesting creations. Your home will be built with naturally sustainable materials and will be thermally efficient, using less energy to heat. Timber framed construction has many advantages as well as being kind to the environment. The frames can be put up quickly allowing construction to continue under the timber roof efficiently. The beautiful heavy timbers can be left exposed to the interior, or left visible on the outside allowing the timber to give the house character.
Elegant and simple, timber frame houses provide incredibly strong structures that have great flexibility in their design. The strength of the framework is achieved by structuring the frame in such a way that the weight of the building is transferred from all around the frame to the ground as effectively as possible. Due to this strength, large open spaces are often seen as a trademark of timber framed houses, something usually not possible using conventional building techniques.

Unique and elegant rustic resorts built with comfort in mind.
With energy efficiency now an important subject for us all, we are conscious of our responsibility as a manufacturer to create timber resorts that are thermally efficient to live with and that are produced from raw materials that are derived from sustainable sources in today’s world.

Structures can be built from the top of the deck with our unique deck level construction method, which preserves fragile environmental area; timber boardwalks create appealing landscapes, with long-lasting durability. Timber boardwalks are becoming preferable to paved walkways or pathways.
Using wood as the building material has other advantages. It provides a solid surface that has more rebound than concrete, making it much more comfortable for walking and sitting. The wood also has more favorable thermal qualities than concrete or other materials. It stays at a more neutral temperature despite direct sunlight or cold.

A Loft is one of the most useful ways to add value, with extra space. Stylish yet practical!
Extending or adding a loft room to your existing home is a lot simpler and cleaner than conventional building methods. A loft room is the perfect way to extend your home without extending the footprint of your house. Loft rooms are easy to erect, meaning you get the space your family needs, without having to move out during the renovation.

Design and construction can be amended to give the customer maximum flexibility within a specified budget.
We are dedicated to providing quality timber chalets that not only suit your needs but also meet your budget. Our timber chalets have been used for many reasons whether increasing your living space or enhancing your garden, many of our buildings are or have been insulated to provide all year round usage. We pride ourselves on versatility, as many of our standard range buildings can be adapted to accommodate your needs; we therefore pride ourselves on supplying a complete range of quality timber chalets.